You don’t have to travel the world to tell good stories. Countless are down the street, or in your backyard. They are in the neighborhood.

Just northwest of the downtown square, three streets see a lot of action through the years. The PECAN – Panhandle, Egan, Congress (streets) Area Neighborhood – is one for exploring.

College students come and go, parties are immortalized in the walls, and others collect rent. Theologians and disciples from The Village church stake their own tents as pilgrims.

Football stadium lights blaze above homes on game day from neighboring Denton High School, and shoes hang on electric pole wires in between some of the oldest houses in the city. Panhandle was the north edge of town in 1910.

Music bounces around and down the corners of streets, as bands begin and dissolve – hence the nickname “jamhandle” for Panhandle Street. Adolescents scream in play on the fields of Calhoun Middle School, a world of “firsts” surrounding them. First girlfriend, first loss, first hit.

A blog like this is a first for me. It’s about the stories told in Pecan, during my Fall 2014 semester at the Mayborn School of Journalism.

Let’s crack this nut!




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